Disclaimer: I love ‘em, but I don’t own ‘em.

Spoilers: Through IWTB, with a hint of Season 10 thrown in for good measure.

Author’s Note: I recommend reading Umbra Reverie and Contagium for the complete story.

A year later than anticipated, but it’s done. Thanks for your encouragement, kudos, comments, and prodding; I hope it’s worth the wait!

On a personal note, my dad passed away from cancer this spring. Even though he wasn’t an X-Files fan, he was an avid supporter of my creative efforts, and the look on his face when I told him I’d written a book is one I’ll never forget.

I started Incursus in 2014, and it wasn’t until after he’d passed that I realized I’d inadvertently named one of the characters after him.

This is for you, Dad.


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